Week 3 | Scrappy Summer Sew-Along

Time to start putting all of those scraps together now! Have you ever thought about how weird it is that you spend so much time cutting up your fabric just to spend even more sewing it back together. I understand the purpose (obviously), but I always find this funny when I get to this step. 

Anyways, what do you need to do this week? Start sewing! We'll be sewing over the next 4 weeks. So first, take the total number of blocks needed for your chosen quilt size and divide it by 4! This will be the amount of blocks that you need to complete each week. For example, here's how I figured out how many I needed to do each week for the square throw:

121 total blocks / 4 = 30.25 blocks per week

*My plan is to round up on this one and make 31 blocks for the first 3 weeks and then finish in the fourth week of sewing with 28 blocks. 


Share a photo of your blocks whether just laid out or finished! This weeks prompt for post is to give us a little insight on how you are going about creating your blocks. Are you going completely scrappy and just making the blocks as you go or so you have a bit of a plan? I'll be embracing the scrappiness for this one and just be making a bunch of blocks that I'll lay out afterwards! Make sure to use the hashtag #scrappysummersal so I can see it and enter you in the giveaway!



This weeks giveaway was donated by Jenn McMillian. One winner will get to choose 3 scents of Sew Fine Thread Gloss! If you never seen this thread gloss, make sure to visit her site and check her out on instagram!

As always, if you have any question, please let me know!