Week 2 | Scrappy Summer Sew-Along

You've all shared your stashes with the world, now it's time to put them to use and start creating a beautiful quilt!  For my scrappy quilt I will be making the square throw. I encourage you to choose which ever size best fits your stash and wants!


What do you need to do this week? First, choose a size. Second, start cutting your squares from your stash! I want you to play with color and create something you normally wouldn't. BE CREATIVE!

Share a photo of your cutting set up & tell us - do you really like cutting up all of the gorgeous fabric or is this your least favorite part of the process? If it's not, what part is? I love hearing what everyone loves about the process, but I especially love knowing the parts that are a little more difficult for some to get through! Make sure you use the hashtag #scrappysummersal so that I can see it. If your account is private, feel free to send me your post and I'll gladly put you in the giveaway drawing!


This weeks giveaway winner will receive on of these fun (and awesome) OLFA 28mm rotary cutters! I fly through all of my cutting with this guy and know that you will too!
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Happy cutting!