Scrappy Summer Sew-Along

By now, you have probably seen bits and pieces of the scrappy quilt I am currently working on, and let me tell y'all - I AM LOVING IT! I'm working through my stash (it's about time) and I am loving the creative process that comes around when you have to make what you already have work. I love it so much that I am bringing it to all of YOU with the Scrappy Summer Sew-Along! So pull out all of those bits of scraps that you've been stashing away and let's get to sewing! The Sew-Along will last from July 1st - August 26th. Here's a look at the schedule so you have an idea of what to expect:

Week 1 (July 1 - July 7): gathering scraps and sorting

Week 2 (July 8 - July 14): cutting

Week 3 (July 15 - July 21): making blocks

Week 4 (July 22 - July 28): making blocks

Week 5 (July 29 - August 4) : making blocks

Week 6 (August 5 - August 11): making blocks

Week 7 (August 12 - August 18): catch up week

Week 8 (August 19 - August 26): piece quilt top

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We will be using the nine patch block to create all of our scrappy blocks and I will be writing out a pattern to help you figure out what size you want to make. That being said, the blocks are super simple and the size is totally customizable so there is no reason why you couldn't figure out a size for yourself (and you'll have a little quilt formula to help if you choose to change up the size). The pattern will be available for free before the sew-along beings. Can't wait to get sewing!
As a little sneak peak, here's who we have participating in the giveaways:
One last bit of fun is the Facebook group I have created for us to discuss all things scrappy quilts! It is not a requirement, but I thought it would be a fun thing to try out.
This quilt was inspired by The Makings of Joy and Wombat Quilts, I highly encourage you to follow their pages and see the gorgeous scrappy quilts that they have made!
Make sure to use the hashtags #scrappysummersewalong and #scrappysummerquilt so that I can see what you make!