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Hi there!

No matter what may have brought you to my site, I cannot tell you how excited I am that you are here. I'm Julia Raye, or just Raye to most people in my life, and I am the owner, maker, designer, marketer, accountant and everything in between behind all that goes on here at The Homebody Company.

From an age way too young for me to remember, I have been making handmade pieces and trying to sell them to others. Somewhere on one of my parents' old computers is a 10+ page document I created with photos, prices and listing descriptions of crafts I had done. Once I hit college and felt like I had a little better understanding of what actually needed to happen (thanks business school), The Homebody Company became a reality. While the offerings have changed a bit from time to time, my passion has never left and creating handmade pieces will always be what brings me joy. 

I started The Homebody Company with someone like myself in mind - staying home is your idea of fun and making your space cozy is a priority. Add in creating something out of your stocked up craft supplies and you're good to go.

My hope is that what I create and share can help bring this same sense of coziness to your space - whether you make it or I do. You'll find that the shop is mostly comprised of quilt patterns that I have designed, with the occasional finished product and a little knitting and crochet. Throughout the blog, you will find more details about finished patterns, tips & the occasional post about what I made for dinner that Jordan & I actually both loved.

How It All Began

My true crafting obsession (that I can remember) began at my grandmother's sewing machine. She made many of my dresses when I was younger and I of course always wanted to help. We started with simple scrappy pillows and eventually moved on to my first quilt that I still have today. From then on, I only wanted to learn more.

My parents helped me expand my crafting love and took me on regular trips to Hobby Lobby and one Christmas gave me a beginners crochet book. At the time, I was too young to understand what do, but my mom learned so she could teach me and I was off!

I have never looked back but instead, created more, learned more, and picked up just about any hobby that I can get craft supplies for.  

Get To Know Raye

I always love knowing tidbits about someone whose website I am shopping from or looking to work with, so here's a few fun things about me:

- I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2017 with a degree in Marketing (hook'em!)

- I live in New Braunfels, TX with my fiancé, Jordan, and our two pups, Jules & Baxter

- Speaking of fiancé - we are planning a WEDDING! I'm just a little excited.

Now that I write these out, I realize I don't have many fun things to share. But a little bit is better than none. If you have any questions, I'm always up for a chat!

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