I am the owner, designer and maker behind all the things here at The Homebody Company. I have a deep love for all things handmade and am 100% the person who will buy $100 of supplies to make something that would cost $20 in a store.

For as long as I can remember, I would spend my afternoons after school making mini pillows (like so many tiny pillows!) on my grandmas sewing machine until she felt it was time to start teaching me how to sew something a little bit bigger - a quilt! I still have that quilt even with the wear and tear and it's slight shade of blue after washing it with some of my jeans one time. While it is the simplest quilt made of precut fabric squares, hand ties and no batting, it will always be my favorite.

You may ask - why quilt pattern designing? There has been a lot of trial and error as I worked to find my style and what I wanted this business to be. There have been name changes, product changes, craft changes (I used to spend all of my time knitting or crocheting) and it quickly turned into designing my own quilt patterns and now here we are today!

I hope that my site and all its contents brings you a true sense of coziness and joy. I am a homebody through and through and love nothing more than to create a cozy and welcoming space in my home (and online platforms) for all who enter!

Now that I have turned my hobby into a business, I have had to find something else to get away from it all every once in a while - reading! I have always loved reading and go through phases where I'll finish a book in a week or sometimes it takes me 6 months. So if for some odd reason I am not sewing or writing up a new pattern, you can catch me curled up with a new book (or Harry Potter for the billionth time)!


A Little More About Me

What I Do For Work

Along with everything here at The Homebody Company, I am a creative virtual assistant for wedding vendors. After planning our wedding, I fell in love with the industry and knew I wanted to keep working with the vendors!

Jordan & I

I married the sweetest man on February 6, 2021. We've been together since 2012 (he was 17 and I was 16) and it was the very best day celebrating our love!! He also doesn't complain (often) about all of the loose threads and fabric scraps that end up all over the house, holds quilts for photos when I ask nicely, and is usually the one making us dinner while I sew in the evenings.

Jules & Bax

We have two of the MOST spoiled but sweetest pups Jules (left) and Baxter (right). They lived separately with each of us in college and combining them in our house has been pretty comical. You'll see them make an appearance in stories every now and then!

Being in this community is one of the neatest things to come along with designing patterns. I LOVE chatting with you guys about your projects, questions you may have or fabric combos you are thinking about using for one of my patterns. You can always reach out to me at hello@thehomebodyco.com or come hang out on Instagram!