Happy Quilt Pattern

My Happy Quilt Pattern

Get the Happy quilt pattern for free here! Before I dive into the details, I feel like we need a little background of how this quilt got the name ‘Happy’. Like a lot of things, releasing this kept getting pushed back and it was actually the plan to have released at the beginning of summer,…

You’re a Star Quilt Pattern

You’re a Star

Using my AccuQuilt GO! in my projects has saved me so much time not only in cutting, but the trimming that often comes after you stitch and press pieces. The You’re a Star pattern is a fun twist on the sawtooth star block we all know and love. It’s perfect to make scrappy or with a plan…

112 Log Cabin Quilt Blocks with AccuQuilt Strip Cutter

Quilt Card

Sewing Space Refresh

The beginning of the year comes with goals, exciting plans and for me, the want to organize. The organization of my space started off with some new goodies from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and quickly turned into much much more. Like a whole sewing space refresh kind of more. I got rid of things, moved…