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Scrappy Summer Quilt - Free Pattern

Written by Raye Bednorz


Posted on July 01 2019

We keep every scrap of fabric because we know that one day, the project that needs it will come along. Well, look no further, here’s the perfect project for all of your scrappy pieces.
The Scrappy Summer Quilt was inspired by @themakingsofjoy and @wombatquilts. If you don’t follow them on instagram and/or haven’t seen the scrappy quilts that they made, I highly suggest you take a look!
Now, let's get to the part you are all here for - the pattern!

Scrappy Summer Quilt Pattern

If you post on social media make sure to use the hashtag #scrappysummerquilt so that I can see what you create and share with everyone!

WAIT - Before you start choosing fabric, cutting into that stash or sewing pieces together, make sure you have read through the ENTIRE pattern to make sure you are following the best method for YOU!

How big is your stash? Pick the quilt top size that you think would fit it best!

Baby Crib Square Throw Rectangle Throw
Finished Quilt Size 31.5" x 40.5" 36" x 49.5" 49.5" x 49.5" 49.5" x 63"


Twin Double/Full Queen King
Finished Quilt Size 72" x 90" 85.5" x 108"  90" x 108" 112.5" x 108"

Fabric Requirements

Please keep in mind that I have made my quilt completely from scraps, but if you would like to buy fabric for the pattern, I have calculated those amounts for you! I encourage you to dig into your stash for this one though and see what you can come up with!

Baby Crib Square Throw Rectangle Throw
Main Squares 7/8 yd 1 1/4 yds 1 5/8 yds 2 1/8 yds
Background Squares 3/4 yd 1 yd 1 1/3 yds 1 3/4 yds
Backing* 1 3/8 yds 2 1/2 yds 3 1/4 yds 3 1/4 yds
Binding 1/3 yd 3/8 yd 1/2 yd 1/2 yd


Twin Double/Full Queen King
Main Squares 7 1/3 yds 6 1/8 yds 6 1/2 yds 8 yds
Background Squares 3 1/2 yds 4 7/8 yds 5 1/8 yds 6 1/2 yds 
Backing* 5 1/2 yds 7 7/8 yds  8 1/4 yds 9 3/4 yds
Binding 5/8 yd 3/4 yd 7/8 yd 7/8 yd

*All backing is calculated with 4 inches of overage on all sides for long arm quilting purposes.


Squares: All squares will be cut at 2" x 2".

To achieve this as quickly as possible, I suggest cutting 2" wide strips from all of your fabrics. The length of this does not matter as it is scrappy and you will be cutting until you achieve the required number of squares for your size quilt! Once you have your strips, then go in and start cutting your 2" squares.

**If you are not doing a scrappy version of this, you can sew longer strips together first and then cut those into the three columns to create the block. Use what works for you in this situation! 

Binding: All binding is considered to be cut at WOF x 2 1/2".
Baby Crib Square Throw Rectangle Throw
Main Squares 315 440 605 770
Background Squares 252 352 484 616
Binding Strips to Cut 4 6 6
Binding Total Length 154" 181" 208" 235"
Twin Double/Full Queen King
Main Squares 1600 2280 2400 3000
Background Squares 1280 1824 1920 2400
Binding Strips to Cut 9 10 11 12
Binding Total Length 334" 397" 406" 452" 


We will being making nine path blocks out of our scraps. Below is the number of blocks you will need to make sure you make for your particular size quilt.

Baby Crib Square Throw Rectangle Throw
Number of Blocks 63 81 121  154


Twin Double/Full Queen King
Number of Blocks 320 456 480 600


The piecing of your blocks is actually very simple. You will create each block by laying out squares in a 3 x 3 pattern. Your background and main squares should be contrasting with each other so that they pop in the quilt. For the blocks I made, and the requirements in this pattern, I laid out my squares in the following pattern:

Background Square, Main Square, Background Square

Main Square, Main Square, Main Square

Background Square, Main Square, Background Square

Once you have completed all of your blocks, you will lay out your pieces based on the size quilt you have put together.

Crib Baby Square Throw Rectangle Throw
Across 7 8 11 11
Down 9 11 11 14


Twin Double/Full Queen King
Across 16 19 20 25 
Down 20 24 24 24

Finishing Instructions

  1. Piece together backing if needed, then make a quilt sandwich! Baste as desired. 
  2. Quilt with some fun hand stitching, a few runs through your machine, or off to your favorite long arm quilter (I recommend J. Coterie)
  3. Binding using the strips you cut in previous steps. 
  4. Share your finished quilt on social media, tag @thehomebodycompany and use #thbcpatterns and #scrappysummerquilt so that I can see what you made! 
  5. Snuggle up and enjoy! Or start planning out your next quilt ;)

WOF - Width of Fabric // Assumed to be 43"

Please keep in mind, this pattern is 100% free and you are allowed to recreate it as many times as possible, but please do not sell any version of the written pattern. Also, if you encounter a problem in the pattern, please contact Raye at and we would be happy to help and make the correction if needed!


Disclosure: Some of the links used throughout this blog post are affiliate links. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support!



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