I did it.. again. I am changing the name of my shop and bringing in new things. So without further ado, I introduce you to: 
It was about this time last year that I started changing things for what I thought was the last time, but shortly after I started thinking of new things. I had new ideas. I wanted to take on more and I wanted something that embodied all that I wanted this shop to be. I use the word "homebody" often to describe myself often. What can I say, I love being at home? I felt like the crafts I do are part of that. While I love sharing it with others, when I am working it is most often in the comfort of my own home. 


Homebody // Noun

A person who enjoys the warm and simple pleasures of being at home. 

Home is my favorite place to be. Craft shops, yarn stores and fabric shops are great too but I LOVE being cozy at home. Since I can remember, my mom would always tell me that I was a nester. It especially showed when I moved to Austin for school and wanted to make my apartment my own. As the years have gone on, I feel that it has only increased and I like thinking of myself as a homebody.

The shop is still in the works now that I am starting to take on this new direction, but I'll be sending out an email to my subscribers first once it is open and ready to go! 


I'm excited to bring you more and thankful for all of you that continue to follow along.


xoxo, Julia Raye


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