Using My AccuQuilt GO! for the First Time with Wool Felt from Benzie Design

I finally had the chance (and the perfect project) to pull out my AccuQuilt GO! and use it for the first time! I’ve had the system for about a month but was waiting to get everything finished up with Holiday Hills before diving in. Not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of myself for holding off!

This project started with a mug I have that has a cute Christmas phrase. With the letter dies from AccuQuilt, this was the perfect opportunity to turn it into a permanent piece of my Christmas decor.

Watch Me Us My AccuQuilt GO!

AccuQuilt Products I Used:

Tips for Using the AccQuilt GO!

After using the cutting machine for the first time and a few friends watching my videos, I have some tips for using the machine for the first time!

  1. Make sure the dies are always clean so that your cuts are precise. This means removing stray threads, carefully cleaning out the dies with the provided tool and keeping your mat clean.
  2. When removing the cutting mat, slide it off with a bit of pressure. This will help keep your pieces from sticking to it and the die!
  3. Double check that you are covering all edges of the die. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have recut a few these letters.

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