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The beginning of the year comes with goals, exciting plans and for me, the want to organize. The organization of my space started off with some new goodies from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and quickly turned into much much more. Like a whole sewing space refresh kind of more. I got rid of things, moved stuff around and found better ways to store a lot of it so that I actually know what I have available. Now the office feels brand new and makes me so excited for all I’ll make in it this year!

Missouri Star Quilt Co. Organization Finds

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There’s nothing quite as disappointing as running out of a bobbin in the middle of a project – especially during a late night sewing session. Which is why I like to keep a few ready to go. When I saw there was a few options for keeping them together, I was excited to try them out!

Bobbin Boat Trio | Missouri Star Quilt Co. | Sewing Space Refresh

Bobbin Boat™ Trio

Tulips Bobbin Clips | Missouri Star Quilt Co. | Sewing Space Refresh

Tulips Bobbin Clips

Bobbin Ring | Missouri Star Quilt Co. | Sewing Space Refresh

Bobbin Ring

After having them all in my space, I think that Bobbin Boat™ is the winner. I like the little space it takes up and I’m excited to have the trio so that I can save different color threads in the different color boats!

I loaded up bobbins for my machine and found them on sale on Amazon!


If you’re like me, there is a never ending stack of quilts piling up in your space. Some that I need to finish, some I should probably sell and some I could never get rid of. But a person only needs so many quilts that they actually have in use. These Quilt Storage Bags were perfect and I loved the multiple sizes! They stacked easily on my closet shelf and hold so many quilts for me.


Raise your hand if you often leave making your binding to the last step which then means you put off finishing a quilt much long than you should… 🙋🏽‍♀️

I have found that a key to wrapping up my quilts in a timely manner is cutting my binding when I cut all of my pieces and getting it prepped when I am piecing the quilt top. But once it’s made, where to keep it? Well, these Binding Spools from Missouri Star fix that!

There is two to a pack of these clear acrylic spools so I am able to get ahead with binding for two quilts. That is until I get a few more!


Lastly from Missouri Star, I snagged some of these Acrylic Bolts. I don’t plan to keep all of my fabric on these, but I am excited to display some of them with it until I use it. And of course, we started with some Christmas fabric.

Closet Before and After

My closet in my space may be one of my favorite spots because of the size it is. I am able to fit so much in here and keep it organized, all while making it a space that I can function in as well. Here’s a little before, emptyish and after!

In my closet, I went a bit crazy with pieces from Ikea. There are three that you can see here!

  • Alex Drawer Unit – this is the tall Alex set of drawers and here I keep shipping supplies and paper patterns. The top of it is the perfect size for my laptop or to pack orders.
  • Alex Storage Unit – I have had this piece for quite some time and have used it many different ways, but now it hold office supplies, extra copy paper and my printers!
  • Billy Bookshelves – I fit in a full width and half width bookshelf that help me keep everything together that doesn’t need it’s open space. These are sturdy and have a great depth for storage!


I asked you guys on Instagram for which storage solution you thought was best for my yarn and I hate to say it – but I went against the majority of your suggestions. A few thought that option number two were drawers and if they were, I totally would have agreed with you guys. But these were just a bit bigger and I really like that I can see my yarn. Find these stackable baskets on Amazon!

Shipping STORAGE

While this space still has lots of room to change, I am excited for where we are starting. I have had my eye on this Alex Drawer Unit from Ikea for quite some time. And while I hope to get a second, at the moment I love what is has done for my space!


I found the easiest thing for these was to hang them! I can included all of the pieces needed at this final stage. And I had these hangers that we never use anymore that were perfect with the non-slip bar. I also have this free Quilt Card download available so that you can remember all of the details of your quilts you are working on!

My Biggest Tip for Making the Most of Your Space

HANG IT UP! I started adding things to my walls and immediately felt relief from the clutter. I could see it and it was out of my way. Crafting supplies is also so fun to me and often colorful that it was a great way to decorate the space!


These clear acrylic shelves from Amazon are great for all of the trinkets I have tucked away in my closet.

Amazon Acrylic Floating Shelves with Embroidery Thread Organization | Sewing Space Refresh | The Homebody Company
AccuQuilt Mat Storage | Long Ruler Storage | Wall Storage for Sewing Notions | Sewing Space Refresh | The Homebody Company


Scrolling Amazon one day, I saw this wall mounted file organizer and knew immediately it would be great for my AccuQuilt mats. But it would also work well for long rulers!

Ikea SKADIS Pegboard Oganization for Sewing Room | Sewing Space Refresh | The Homebody Company


I have really loved incorporating the SKADIS pegboard from Ikea into my space. It allows me to see and easily reach all of my tools!


I will stick command hooks almost anymore and found having one for my Juki knee lifter was a great way to keep it out of the way but still know where it is next time I need it.


I actually have two of the SKADIS pegboards from Ikea. Here’s a list up clost look at the products I used. After a bit of trial and error, I’m really happy with how they came together!

Project Organization

Like I mentioned above, I hang projects once they are fully pieced and in the stage of needing to be quilted or bound. But before that, I keep them in these clear bins from Target. They come in two sizes, fit so much and stack great on top of each other for easy storage. I use my free Quilt Card to help keep things organized in both stages and love that I can punch a hole in it or clip it to the quilts once they move to a hanger.

Fabric Organization


Ahh the container store – a place after my own heart. I now have two of their Elfa mesh drawer shelves and I will get a third if I find a reason for it.

For my yardage fabric storage, I have the Elfa Medium Tall Drawer Solution that I customized to have five of the 2-runner drawers. My favorite thing about this one is that it is on wheels! Which means I can move it to wherever I may need (or out of my way). With the tabletop, I have placed my wool pressing mat and it’s great to pull up next to me while I sew for any quick pressing I may need to do on my seams.


Holding on to every little scrap of fabric feels like a right of passage as a quilter. But really, how do I let any of it go? For scraps, I have a smaller one that fits right under my cutting/sewing table. This is a new addition to the space from The Container Store and I am already loving it! For the drawer layout, I went with one 1-runner drawer and three 2-runner drawers.

I keep small notions and sewing machine accessories in the top drawer. I used these clear drawer organizers in it and they fit perfectly. Then on the bottom three drawers, I sort my scraps by color with one of the dividers in each of the top two.


To wrap things up, I wanted a space to hang my trinkets and a large wall calendar. I decided on the wall behind my computer for this because I didn’t necessarily need easy access to these items and it was the only wall without anything on it yet. Now I have some of my favorite things and my plan for the year easily visible while I work.

Sewing Space Refresh Shopping List

If you made it this far and just want a quick list of the things I highlighted for organizing my space:

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  1. This is so helpful!!! I’ve been reorganizing my sewing room too and have been looking for similar storage ideas! Thanks for posting all of the links!! My favorite is the embroidery thread in the jars. Just so pretty to look at!

    1. So glad you love it! Yes the jars full of the thread make me so happy! I don’t use it much, but I think I’ll keep it stocked just to have something pretty to look at 🙂

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