Holiday Hills Tester Projects

No quilt pattern would be complete without the hard work and help from my testers! ESPECIALLY with this quilt! My quilt pattern testers stuck around with me for over a year as I designed Holiday Hills. Check out what they made below!

Quilt Pattern Testers


Stacey went with a classic red and green color palette. And the cutest background fabric! She has tested for me time and time again and I was so excited when she wanted to work together on Holiday Hills! Her version is stunning and a great representation of the pattern.

She also wrote a blog post about her quilt! Read it here.

Holiday Hills Quilt by Two Terriers Studio | Quilt Pattern by The Homebody Company

Pillow Pattern Testers

I also extended the pattern to include a pillow pattern for something smaller and quicker! Or to add to your quilt and tie in decor throughout different areas of your home.


Sarah created the cutest teal throw pillow. I LOVE decorating with nontraditional colors during Christmas (my own quilt was pretty colorful!), so I was so excited to see her version.

Holiday Hills Throw Pillow by Ruthlessly Handmade | Quilted Pillow Pattern by The Homebody Company


Theresa used an adorable winter printed fabric for her trees and on the stark white background, this was soo cute! I also love the detail she added with the quilting by following the trees. So cute!

Find Holiday Hills Testers on Instagram

I took my testers post from Instagram and added them to a Holiday Hills Testers guide so that they can all be in one place and easy to refer to! Each person used a different fabric combination that really showcases the pattern in a different way.

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    1. Hi, Victoria! I tried sending an email to help with this but received a notice back that it was blocked because your server detected my email as containing spam. Could you please send an email to if you are still having issues?

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