Fundraiser: Celebrating MomMaw’s Birthday

Happy birthday to the lady that taught me how to do most of the things that I love to spend all of my extra time on. If she hadn’t let me make a million and one little pillows out of her fabric scraps, The Homebody Company probably wouldn’t even be a thing. I think of her often and wish I could show her what I’ve turned the time we spent together into, but I know she’s right beside me every day.

A little photo backstory for a second:

This was taken during my freshman year of high school (2011). I had made the varsity softball team and it was the day of our first playoff game. She was so proud and she and my grandfather had made as many of my volleyball games as possible in the fall, but with her cancer back, softball games weren’t as easy to attend. One of my uncles sent my dad this picture on the night of her game with her playoff shirt on and horns up as we went into our first playoff game.

Instead of a fundraiser during October, I am choosing to celebrate her birthday – and celebrate it BIG with a quilt pattern release in her memory.


Along with the pattern, there are a few other things happening in the shop to help raise money from July 18th – July 25th:

Survivor Quilt Block T-Shirt preorders are open!


ALL quilt patterns purchased will have $2 donated

20% off all other purchases will be donated

These donations will end on July 25th.

Where this week’s money raised is going:

All money raised from this week will be donated to the National Breast Foundation. They help women everywhere through their breast cancer battle and provide educational resources for early detection.  

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