Using My AccuQuilt GO! for the First Time with Wool Felt from Benzie Design

I finally had the chance (and the perfect project) to pull out my AccuQuilt GO! and use it for the first time! I’ve had the system for about a month but was waiting to get everything finished up with Holiday Hills before diving in.

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Video Transcription:

00:00 – Hey there and welcome back to The Homebody Company! Today I’m going to be cutting for the very first time with my AccuQuilt GO!. Um, I haven’t even taken it out of the box since the last video, so I just pulled it out this morning. Um, I have my three inch letter dies and I’m going to be making a fun little, um, Christmas banner with these pretty felts from Benzie Design. Um, so yeah, this will be my first time using it. Um, I’ve watched a few videos and of course read the directions, but you’re going to see my first attempt at this, so let’s see how it goes.

00:46 Okay. So I’m gonna take these out. Um, the first letter I need to do, or the first word is don’t. So we’re just going to start with this guy for our first test. Um, so before I actually get this out. I’m just going to cut a piece of felt that would fit this. And these are three inches tall when finished. And so you want about half an inch of extra space. And then, so you’re going to cut three and a half by three and three quarters for this one square.

01:45 – So I have my little felt square. We will cut more from from that.

02:18 – Okay, so we have our die and on this particular one, like I said, we’re only going to be using the D so I’m going to place my felt square over that and then get my cutting mat, completely over the top. And now just put it through.

03:22 – Oh my gosh! There you have it, a perfect little D. That was so easy. So, we’re going to keep going with that.

09:06 – So I hope you enjoyed watching my first time using the accurate. I have to say I’m obsessed. It would’ve taken me so long to cut out all of those letters by hand. Um, but check in the description to see the blog post on the final, um, thing that I make with this. It’s going to be a super fun little Christmas banner to add to my decor this year.

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