Sneaking a Quilt in Our Engagement Photos

I mean, it was bound to happen. We live in Texas and it’s summer so there was NO way I was going to get Jordan in anything knit or crocheted, but a quilt? A quilt I could sneak into our engagement photos.

From the day that Brittany at Lo & Behold Stitchery released this pattern, I knew I wanted to make one for Jordan when the day came for our wedding. But also, I kind of wanted it so we could use it in our photos, haha. 


Pattern: Interwoven by Lo & Behold Stitchery

Quilt Top: KONA Cotton in Shitake and Bone

Backing: Flax by Anna Graham from Driftless

Binding: KONA Cotton in Windsor

Quilting by J. Coterie

Putting it Together

So this one actually has a bit of a story when it comes to putting it together. 

I thought of doing this basically as soon as we were engaged (the end of October 2019), but I didn’t start it right away. I had many other projects going on, as usual, and I just knew that I would get to it at some point. 

Then, it started to become a rush because all I really wanted for our engagement photos was wildflowers and we didn’t want to miss when they were in bloom here in Texas. So I rushed the piecing staying up way to late and Jill at J. Coterie worked her magic to get it back to me in a week and a half. And then… covid hit. Nail salons were closed and we were put on stay at home orders so we couldn’t meet with our photographer. I had rushed and rushed and rushed, all while keeping it a secret from Jordan cause I wanted to surprise him with his first quilt that I made from him and now we had to wait who knows how long to take them. 

Now, if you know me personally, you know I can’t keep a secret. I love thinking of special gifts and surprises, but I’m not a big fan of keeping the secret. So naturally, when the quilt was in and I put the last stitch in the binding, I showed it to Jordan. We weren’t sure at this point when we would get to take our photos and I didn’t want to wait that long. BUT, I took it right back so he wouldn’t do anything to mess it up before then. 

And then, we got to take them and my quilty heart was happy.

Photos by Ashley Medrano Photography

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