Quilty Dreams Quilt – Backstory + Tester Quilts

It’s been a while, but a new quilt pattern has finally hit the shop. A break was good, but I am excited to be back and bring you so much more!! 


Have you ever had such a vivid dream that you wake up and you HAVE to tell someone about it? That’s how I felt about this quilt and bringing it to life for all of you! One morning, I woke up, made my coffee, and went straight to my computer to recreate the quilt I had seen in my dreams. Thus, Quilty Dreams was born!


This quilt is made from 2 simple quilt blocks that create a fun design when pieced together. They are also large blocks which makes it great for fabrics with large prints!


No quilt pattern release is possible without my amazing testers!

Petra created a lovely baby size Quilty Dreams with a super fun gingham binding!!

Photo credit: @craftyqulitymom

Janet‘s quilt reminds me of stained glass hanging so beautifully in the window!!

Photo credit: @bestjlb

Laura‘s beautiful was made with such a fun pop of yellow!

Photo credit: @1lousypetunia


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