Plan to Quilt Review

I have been using to Plan to Quilt for about a month now and I am in LOVE! I am a big fan of planners. Add in quilting and I’m sold. 

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Watch my full review and get an inside look:

Questions asked about Plan to Quilt:

Q: What is your favorite thing about it?

A: Having a place to keep all of the fabric information for my quilts! Sometimes I can get started on something that I won’t finish for a while. After cutting everything, piecing and getting to the very end, I often forget the fabric details.

Q: How much do you find yourself looking to it?

A: So far, all designs I have put into the planner have been my own, so I am not looking to it during the process as much as I am before when organizing the project. I will treat this like scrapbook to look back at past quilts and their details!

Q: Do you think you will keep it to look back on?

A: For sure! I imagine this as kind of a scrapbook for my quilting projects. Especially those that I let go of.

Q: Is this for any level?

A: Definitely! I don’t think there is any level “limit” with this and it can be helpful for any quilter. 

Q: Do you like having all of the extra pages over the mini?

A: YES! But I am also a person that wants all of the information. I will fill out each quilt I put into here with as much information as possible. 

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