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Valerie Springer

Three Birds & Stitches

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Q: How long have you been longarm quilting, and how did you get into it?

A: I was in my local Quilt Shop in January and the owner and I started chatting about his longarm, he mentioned there was a need for the area and since I had always wanted to learn I asked if he’d teach me.  After a few sessions I was hooked.  The ability to evenly load a quilt on a 12 foot frame and watch the computerized design come to life was so much fun for me.  After a few months I decided to purchase one and start a local and online business and have steadily been quilting on it since and truly love it.

Q: What is your favorite longarm quilting project to date? 

A: I recently did a custom quilt in a twin size for a client, and having the opportunity to offer quilting this way with the Longarm is great.  I am able to not only piece and work on bigger projects but also give folks who don’t quilt an opportunity to have a one of a kind piece for their home.

Q: What sets you apart from other longarm quilters? 

A: I don’t know if this sets me apart, but I was recently told by a client that they appreciated how much I communicated with them and kept them up to date on their quilt and process. As a quilter myself, I know the time they put i to picking the fabric and selecting the pattern, so it’s important for me to acknowledge that.  I especially love when clients let me know what the quilt is destined for, such as a gift for mom, or a new baby, I enjoy helping to make that moment special for them

Q: What’s your number one tip for quilters sending you a quilt for longarming?

A: Don’t be afraid to send a Longarmer a Quilt because of small issues that occurred while piecing. Just because your seams don’t match perfectly, or the top is fuller in some sections, we are not judging, and face these same issues when we quilt as well. Be Honest and let your longarmer know so they can be prepared, there are tricks of the trade to help navigate these issues and often it’s better to address them on a Longarm frame than in a standard sewing machine.

Q: If someone sent you a Scrappy Summer quilt, what are your top 3 pantographs for the design? 

Mod Pod
Diamond Loops

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