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Mindy Mounteer

Wild Phil Quilting

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Q: How long have you been longarm quilting, and how did you get into it?

A: I’ve been longarm quilting since 2016. I was working for a quilt shop that offered longarm lessons and I wanted to try completing a quilt from start to finish myself, while still getting to have that professional look. I took the class and then came back a number of times to rent the machine. Eventually the position of longarm quilter opened up at the shop and I asked if I could do it. I am so grateful I put myself out there and that they gave me the job! I learned so much while I was there. 

Q: What is your favorite longarm quilting project to date?

A: If I had to pick just one, I felt like this half hexies quilt was one I felt so accomplished when I finally finished it. I agonized over the colors and fabric choices, the backing took me ages to narrow down, and using the swoosh pantograph was the best choice I ever could have made for it! I learned some new skills too, which is a huge bonus to any make.

Q: What sets you apart from other longarm quilters?

A: I take my sweet time! I don’t ever rush a quilt. I sit with each one and take the time to make sure design, thread, batting, density all work well with the style of the quilt top. I try to consider all the quilts that come into my studio as my very own. 

Q: What’s your number one tip for quilters sending you a quilt for longarming?

A: Don’t skimp on the backing fabric. Always be sure you have enough plus a little extra. The way a quilt is loaded onto a longarm machine’s frame makes it necessary to have a bit more length and width than the quilt top. You can expect the best results with a larger quilt back. Every quilter has a different comfort level, so just ask what their preference is and plan accordingly when buying/piecing your backing.

Q: If someone sent you a Scrappy Summer quilt, what are your top 3 pantographs for the design? 

Sashiko Clamshell
Diamond Loops

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