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Lisa Ann Scott

Pieced Pineapple Stuido

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Q: How long have you been longarm quilting, and how did you get into it?

A: I began longarming in 2019, but I was first introduced to it at QuiltCon in 2015. I completely fell in love with the freedom of movement that I just couldn’t get with my domestic sewing machine (granted my DSM only has 4.5″ of throat space and I’m addicted to large projects). Over the years I would test drive any longarm I came across and began to notice that my favorite part of the quilt-making process was the quilting itself! So early this year I launched Pieced Pineapple Studio, LLC and now I have the pleasure of quilting for others and helping their piecing shine!

Q: What is your favorite longarm quilting project to date?

A: My favorite longarm project to date was actually a small wall hanging.  I held on to this quilt top from a Sew Sampler Box for a long time waiting for the perfect design to come to me.  Alas, Jessie Zeigler designed a Longarm League pattern called Echoed Swirls that I knew would be perfect! The dense quilting was perfect for the wall hanging and the swirl design complimented both the fabrics and the quilt pattern. It’s the perfect gift for your sewing friends!

Q: What sets you apart from other longarm quilters? 

A: Pieced Pineapple Studio, LLC is focused on collaboration and growth for modern quilters. We can email, text, and phone or video call to discuss any questions you may have at any point in the process.  Have a question on properly attaching your borders before sending in your quilt top? No problem! New to quilting and looking for advice to improve your quilting? We all start somewhere so there is no judgment here; I’m more than happy to offer a few tips on how to grow your skills for your next project. Apart from being your modern longarm quilting ally, I’ll also make sure to send your regular updates (often with photos) and I offer quick turn around times (check my website for current times)! I also offer quilt binding services and basting services for hand quilters or someone who wants to free motion quilt on their own without the hassle of basting on the floor.

Q: What’s you number one tip for quilters sending you a quilt for longarming?

A: My best tip for quilters sending a quilt for longarming is to iron your quilt and trim up threads before sending in. The better the quilt top is prepped before, the better the end result will be. By starching and pressing well, you can press seams in the desired direction, find any puckers or holes, trim up threads as you go, and ensure there are no major wrinkles that could be permanently quilted in. I always welcome a photo of the quilt top (front and back) or video chat to talk about any question you may have. My goal is for your quilt to shine!

Q: I someone sent you a a Scrappy Summer quilt, what are your top 3 pantographs for the design?

A: My top three pantographs for the Scrappy Summer quilt all include curves to soften up the squares. My first selection is Marmalade which is pretty bold and fun. My second selection, Lindsey, is for all of my modern, geometric lovers. My third selection, Wishbone, is a simple design that is great for a quilt with busy fabrics or a lot of movement.


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