Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle – Felt Christmas Banner

What a fun little project this was to add to my Christmas decor this year! I have had a mug that I pull out each Christmas with this saying and it never gets old. So I decided to make it a permanent part of my decor. 

This was actually my first time using felt for a project so I turned to my amazing instagram followers and an overwhelming response was to check out Benzie Design. And let me just say – there felt is amazing! It makes such a difference to find good quality felt for projects opposed to what is available in the big box stores. They also have coordinating thread for their felt which made picking out the ones I needed for this project a so easy.

Here’s what I used for this project: 

Along with my first time using felt for a project, this was the first time that I used my new AccuQuilt GO! and it made cutting out the letters so dang easy! I probably would have given up on this one if it weren’t for this. 

You can read more about that and which letter dies I used here. There’s even a video where I walk through cutting with it for the first time! 

If you’ve been on the fence about either an AccuQuilt or diving into your first felt project, this is your sign that you should try it out! 

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